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Our Practice Areas

We have profound arbitration experience in the relevant market. Our partners were part of the teams of counsel representing either States/State entities or investors in some of the most important Greece and Cyprus-related arbitrations of the last decade, including investment treaty arbitrations relating to Greek debt restructuring of 2012 (PSI) and the restructuring of the Cypriot banking sector and bail-in of 2012 – 2013. One of our partners is a Professor of International Arbitration in a leading UK University. We have represented clients in proceedings conducted under virtually all the rules of leading arbitral institutions (ICC, LCIA, ICSID, SCC, UNCITRAL).

Indicatively, we provide legal advice and support clients in arbitral proceedings in relation to:

  1. Constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal and Choice of Arbitrators;
  2. Choice of Experts and close cooperation in the preparation of Expert Reports (Legal or Industry Specific);
  3. Drafting of Written Pleadings (Jurisdictional Objections, Memorials, Counter-Memorials, Replies, Rejoinders, Post-Hearing Briefs);
  4. Document Production Requests;
  5. Representation at Arbitration Hearings (Opening Statements, Cross-Examinations of Witnesses and Experts);
  6. Provision of Expert Opinions in legal matters.
  • Representation of the Hellenic Republic in numerous arbitral and annulment proceedings under the ICSID Convention in relation to its debt restructuring of March 2012 and the restructuring of its banking sector in 2013
  • Representation of a major private equity fund in arbitral proceedings under the ICSID Convention against the Republic of Cyprus in relation to the restructuring of the Cypriot banking sector in 2012 and the bail-in of 2013
  • Representation of a major energy conglomerate in an UNCITRAL investment treaty arbitration with the Republic of Serbia in relation to its failure to privatize a state-owned mining company
  • A major gaming company in an LCIA arbitration against a South Eastern European State Entity in relation to alleged payments due under a concession agreement
  • A major State-owned energy company in SCC arbitration in relation to joint venture agreements and gas supply contracts related inter alia to the transmission capacity of the integrated network of gas pipelines in SE Europe
  • A leading aircraft manufacturer in an ICC arbitration in the defense sector initiated by a State
  • A European manufacturer of sophisticated military matériel in an ICC arbitration against a SE European State
  • A Middle Eastern State in an ICC arbitration against a foreign State-owned company relating to the storage, loading and transportation of crude oil and its exploitation (advisory capacity, not in the representation team)
  • A major European conglomerate active in the entertainment sector in an LCIA arbitration against a State instrumentality in relation to a tax dispute arising out of a Share Purchase Agreement and the provision of tax indemnities thereof (damages exceeding EUR 100 million) (only jurisdictional phase)
  • A major gaming company in an LCIA arbitration against a SE Europe State for alleged breaches of a Concession Agreement relating to the scope of the rights of the claimants granted thereunder (damages exceeding EUR 300 million) (only strategic advice at the preparation stage and at the outset of the arbitral proceedings)