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Our Practice Areas

In today’s digital economy, the protection, exploitation and enforcement of IP assets is a key driver to growth and wealth-creation. In the same vein, navigating the legal aspects of the digital world and data protection in a compliance-driven regulatory environment cannot be dispensed with. For our numerous tech-clients, getting it right at the outset is critical.

We offer strategic legal and commercial advice on (i) all aspects of the protection, exploitation and enforcement of IP rights and trade secrets, including copyright, patents and trademarks; and (ii) in a wide range of Information Technology, Digital, E-Commerce and Privacy matters.

Indicatively, we provide legal advice and support clients in relation to:

  1. Transfer, Franchising, Assignment and Licensing of IP Assets;
  1. IP, non-compete, confidentiality and data protection clauses in employment contracts and regulations or self-standing agreements;
  1. IP contracts in the context of outsourcing and joint ventures;
  1. Registration, Renewal, Management and Assignment of national, European and international trademarks, patents and industrial designs;
  1. IP-related proceedings (including infringement of trademarks, patents or other IP rights) and passing-off actions;
  1. Software licensing and End-User Agreements;
  1. Contractual Documents for online transactions, including preparation of user terms and conditions;
  1. Review or Preparation of Privacy policy and data processing agreements, gap analysis, data protection strategy design, Data Protection Officer Support Services
  • Representation of and advice to a major multinational listed on ATHEX IT & software Company acting through its wholly-owned French subsidiary in a major transaction concerning the licensing of its software (including maintenance and SLA) to the branches of a global Japanese bank located in South-East Asia, London and New York for a transaction exceeding EUR 15 million
  • Acting on behalf of a major multinational listed on ATHEX IT, Fintech & Software Company in a number of Software licensing & SLA (including cloud solutions) transactions to, indicatively, a major Greek bank, one of Greece’s leading mutual funds, a pioneering Nigerian investment banking firm, and an asset management company based in Dubai
  • Drafting, negotiation and conclusion of Back-to-Back Software Licensing, Maintenance and Services Agreements between a Cypriot digital services company, a major multinational listed on ATHEX IT & software Company and a recently established Greek bank in relation to the deployment of a pioneering digital bank omnichannel solution throughout the latter’s Greek operations
  • Contribution through Asset Transfer and Share Capital Increase (contribution in kind) of a portfolio of patents of a Jersey company under liquidation to a Cypriot entity through the favorable NID regime
  • Drafting of a Framework Agreement for an innovative technology company active in the field of smart cities, cybersecurity and medical devices in relation to the licensing of medical devices using patented technologies to public and private hospitals and medical institutions
  • Management of patent portfolios in many jurisdictions through cooperation with leading UK and US law firms
  • Design and implementation of the trademark strategy at the EUIPO level of a US holding company in relation to its luxury goods branch, with operations in Mykonos, Greece
  • Provision of advice in relation to the setting-up of an offshore structure which will be the sole owner of the IP rights and the goodwill of a water manufacturing and distribution company and the licensor of these rights to related or third-party entities
  • Provision of advice on the restructuring of the operations of one of Greece’s most renowned restaurants through the commercialization of its IP rights