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Our Practice Areas

We routinely work on debt or equity deals, often involving venture capital financing and the financing of start-up companies. We have thus hands-on experience in complex financing deals which are necessary capital raising tools for all companies operating in the modern era economy. In addition, we offer legal services relating to more traditional financing schemes and are involved in the restructuring of non-performing loans.

Indicatively, we provide legal advice and support clients, irrespective of whether they are the Investor/Lender or the Company receiving the investment/borrowing:

  1. Provision of advice in the Acquisition of Non-Performing Loans, either on a standalone basis or as a pool (including due diligence), and drafting of all documentation (Assignment and Servicing Agreement), or in relation to its transfer through Securitization to offshore SPV.
  2. Equity deals through Share Capital Increases and Creation of All Type of Classes of Shares (Preferred, Non-Voting, Tracking etc.);
  3. Convertible Bond Loan Facilities (often used in the context of angel investors financing) and required corporate actions at conversion;
  4. Drafting of Loan Documentation for Single Lender or Syndicated Loans and of Security Documentation (charges over assets, both fixed & floating, debentures, pledges of shares, assignments of rights, guarantees & assistance with their perfection requirements);
  5. Legal Due Diligence on projects and borrowers and on the capacity of parties entering the transaction and the enforceability of the documentation;
  6. All legal actions (filing of all required remedies, seizure, realization etc.) in relation to foreclosure of a secured (or unsecured) asset and defence against such legal actions;
  7. Receivership and Insolvency Services, including the negotiation and preparation of pre-packaged out-of-court restructurings and ratification by the competent court;
  8. Advice on the set-up and formation of Venture Capital funds or other regulated entities by the Capital Markets Commission allowed to offer securities to the public for capital raising purposes.


  • Representation of a foreign bank in the acquisition by assignment and restructuring of a Non-Performing Loan of approx. USD 67 million from a leading Greek systemic bank, including due diligence and preparation of all relevant documentation, and conclusion of agreement with an NPL Servicer
  • Wide array of pre-packaged and out-of-court restructurings for major debtors or management of insolvency proceedings
  • Drafting and management of a number of Convertible Loans on behalf of companies seeking financing from angel and pre-seed investors
  • Equity Financings through issuance of preferred shares in private limited companies or societes anonymes or offshore entities in cooperation with leading local firms
  • Structuring of SPVs with various layers of debt and equity for purposes of financing the purchase of real-estate assets for commercial purposes
  • Amendment of terms of Convertible Loans and notes issued thereunder and management of the transaction