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A minimum of threshold matters needs to be addressed for purposes of complying with local laws and regulations. We often publish insights on hot topics that many individuals or businesses doing business in Greece regularly face.



Golden Visa

Depending on your country of origin, you may need the issuance of a residence and work permit. We are here to provide more info.

If you are willing to invest at least EUR 250,000 in real-estate or invest EUR 400,000 in a number of Greek-traded securities or even start your own company in Greece with an initial capital of that amount (the so-called “mixed investment”), you can become eligible for obtaining a Long – Term Residence Permit, widely known as Golden Visa.

It is valid for 5 years renewable, can extend to family members, and grants you the right to freely move within the EU. While you do not have the right to be employed in Greece under that status, you have the right to exercise economic activity as the shareholder of your own Company or as a manager of an already existing company.

Indicatively, we provide legal advice and support in relation to:

  1. The regular real estate law services we usually provide, including due diligence, drafting of Power of Attorneys, pre-sale & purchase and final sale, purchase & transfer of property notarial deeds, notarial services, and registration of the title deed at the Land Registry & the Cadastral Office;
  • Submission of the Residence Permit application, management of the Process, and receipt of the final Residence Permit;
  • Open a bank account (physical presence of the beneficiary is required)
  • Issuance of a Greek Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Handling of all related taxation issues & filings with tax authorities
  • Address all ensuing estate planning & taxation issues
  • Investment advice on structuring and implementation if you opt for a “mixed investment”